Gucci goes green – The luxury fashion house claims it has gone carbon neutral to tackle climate change

Gucci is going carbon neutral and that’s the biggest news of the fashion world today. When big brands like Gucci adapt to big positive changes many others are expected to follow suit. It’s all about setting an example and taking the first step. With climatic catastrophes manifested in natural disasters like Hurricane Dorian, burning Amazon forests and the California wildfires, our climate crisis is now and not in the near future. So the fact that Marco Bizzarri, Gucci’s CEO, wants his brand to take responsibility for every last bit of greenhouse gas it emits is very much the need of the hour while also standing as an example to follow. There is a lot of gung-ho about Gucci going carbon-neutral, how many know what this even means? The action of removing the same amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as you put into it, whether it be from production, to transport to packaging is what being carbon neutral comprises of. Their next eco-friendly plan to make their pending Milan Fashion Week show entirely carbon-neutral is also garnering accolades. The process of going carbon neutral isn’t easy especially in the field of fashion it is very difficult to track how much carbon a fashion brand discharges because apparel and footwear supply chains are so vast and complex.

Bizzarri is well aware of this, but he doesn’t want to wait to act until it perfects its carbon calculations: Brands need to act in good faith based on the best available information. Gucci is relying on standards laid out by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, an international organization that helps companies’ measure emissions. For its spring/summer 2020 show, due to take place in Milan next week, the brand will offset its guests’ carbon footprint and the set of the show will be reused in its shops. Hope other big, luxury brands have started taking notes too.

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