Gucci and Xbox might be working on an exclusive collaboration to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original Xbox gaming console

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the launch of the original Xbox gaming console that debuted on 15th November 2001. An exciting collaboration between Microsoft and Gucci could be brewing to celebrate the occasion, which was hinted at by a playful exchange on Twitter between the two brands. “Saying ‘GG’ at the end of every game will never go out of fashion,” Xbox’s official account tweeted a few days back. Gucci immediately replied by tweeting “We couldn’t agree more.” GG is an acronym for “good game” usually used by gamers at the end of a game. Interestingly, GG also mirrors the monogram of Gucci. While there’s no official confirmation on the collaboration by both brands, there have been other clues and potential leaks that suggest the partnership.

Mattew Haag, CEO of video game-centric clothing brand 100Thieves, shared a picture on Twitter of a co-branded trunk right after the exchange between the two brands on the micro-blogging platform. The picture of the collaborative piece looks quite realistic. The special edition trunk features Gucci’s signature monogram print along with yellow and green accents as a not to the partnership with Xbox.

In addition to that, a yellow tag attached to the luggage piece also gets the logo of both brands, confirming the collaboration. However, we are not sure if the co-branded trunk will be the only thing to come out of the high-profile collaboration. We might actually get to see a special edition version of the Xbox dressed in the signature styling of Gucci. We might have to wait for a few more days if the partnership is real or just another one of those rumors.

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