Harrods’ Salon De Parfums finally opens its scented doors! Here’s a peek at what to expect…

Earlier this month we reported the launch of the world’s priciest perfume by Harrods, now we’re here to spill the beans on the popular retailer’s new perfume destination. Located on the sixth floor of the Knightsbridge store, Harrods Salon De Perfums promises to curate the latest and most high end perfumes for its distinguished clientele. This mecca of fragrances is not just about stocking rare and fine scents but also about providing a personalized experience to customers by offering bespoke fragrances.

By Kilian, Chanel, Clive Christian, Creed, Dior, Guerlain, Henry Jacques (first picture), Roja Dove, Tom Ford, Xerjoff and Ex Nihilo are the few distinguished brands that host their own boutiques. A special room within the Salon features limited edition scents and fragrances that are exclusive to the store. Chandeliers, architectural columns and elegant grey décor add to the decadent ambience of this olfactory paradise. Harrods Emerald Stars by Xerjoff and Dead of Night by ERH1012 are some of the hard to find fragrances available here.

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harrods-salon-de-parfums-2“We will help customers find their signature scent, but we will have a number of brands that will offer bespoke fragrance,” says Mia Collins who is head of beauty at Harrods, referring to brands like Henry Jacques and Roja Dove that offer customized fragrances. Now that we know it’s possible to have one, a personalized perfume is at the top of our Christmas lists!

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