Have a look at Gucci’s much-touted-for ‘Off the Grid’ Sustainable collection

In furthering its promise on sustainability, high-end fashion house Gucci recently unveiled its much awaited ‘Off The Grid’ collection. The ensemble is designed from eco-friendly materials and is backed by thoroughly sustainable production methodologies, under the helm of creative director Alessandro Michele.

Consisting of ready-to-wear pieces, accessories, and shoes, as well as unisex luggage, the collection flaunts the use of recycled, organic, natural and sustainable materials such as 100% regenerated nylon and ECOLYL, a fiber derived from waste that is harmful to the environment and underwater life. It also boasts a clever use of sustainable alternatives, such as metal-free tanned leather, recycled polyester fibers, and solvent-free glues.

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As part of its launch, the marquee also unveiled a global campaign featuring big names such as Jane Fonda, Lil Nas X, King Princess, Miyavi, and David de Rothschild posing in a rustic backdrop in the exclusive Gucci gear. Those interested can further partake in a themed quiz on the collection on the Gucci mobile app.

Commenting on it, Alessandro Michele in a statement said, “The collection is the result of teamwork; everybody brought something to it. And in the campaign, too, there is this idea of dialogue among people building something new. I imagined that we could build a treehouse in a city centre, all together, like kids playing in the park. Because all of us need to build this house or to find out that our planet exists, even where it seems it’s not there, or it’s far away.” Talk about being fashion-forward!

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