Hermés just dropped a gorgeous $42,000 solid palissander wood mahjong set (that’s $310 for each tile)

Gone are the days when Hermes was worshipped for only its luxury bags and accessories. You can now pick opulent Hermes offerings such as a $10,000 fishing rod or even get rid of your boredom in a rather expensive way- the Hermes mahjong set. Coming from the house of the French luxury brand, this mahjong set topples all other sets. A master gambler, with deep pockets, will not blink an eye-lid before buying this beauty of a game; the Hermés Helios Mahjong Set impresses with 144-tiles printed in full calfskin leather and solid palisander wood. The set also sees dice, score-keeping sticks along with the printed full leather tiles. Its enclosure is also made from beautifully crafted wood with leather handles. The sound of mahjong tiles knocking gently against each other may not seem as satisfying, as it is with the regular version, but the status symbol the set proves to be is certainly incomparable.

The Hermés Helios Mahjong Set was launched in Singapore for a whopping $57,200 which is a little over $42,000 USD. if you couldn’t get your rich hands on the Hermes ‘Declick Dice Game’ that came out a few years ago perhaps the Hermés Helios Mahjong Set will make up for it with oodles of entertainment and impressed friends.

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[Available at: Hermes]

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