Would you buy the Hermès fishing rod for $10,000?

For those who feel they have flashed their cash by throwing money at the expensive Louis Vuitton tent or their pricey dumbbells, you’ve got nothing on the $10,000 Hermès fishing rod. If we are talking about a display of wealth then this Hermès fishing rod is clearly beating its LV rivals at the game. The price isn’t shocking, to be honest as when one of the most luxurious fashion houses in the world offers a range of special objects, and they do so very lavishly. The fishing rod measures 2.5 meters in length and is crafted from flax fiber, sycamore, and leather. The handle is crafted from sycamore wood and full-grain leather, with a saddle nail on the butt cap. The fishing rod couldn’t have been complete without the addition of a rooster feather, for that touch of elegance.

This gorgeously stylish fishing rod is handcrafted by Hermès’ own talent over in France. Can you think of a better gift for someone who has a passion for fishing? While many may dismiss this as too-expensive a commodity, fans of fly-fishing might just invest in this $10,000 Hermès fishing rod, after all, someone did spend $200,000 on a Bentley specially designed for fly-fishing.

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