Can you carry the hefty price tag of these Louis Vuitton dumbbells?

Louis Vuitton seems to be on a spree to spin out the most unusual of products from their camp. Yes, there was a time when you associated Louis Vuitton with their Speedy’s, Alma’s and Neverfull’s but that’s hardly the scene today. Today they are making a mark on insane sneaker trunks, sleep masks, snowballs and more recently Louis Vuitton dumbbells. Like its predecessors, the dumbbells are also very expensive and heavy (this time on the pockets). The LV dumbbells have a stunning and sporty appeal. For someone who is amazingly fixed in the idea of fitness and loves hitting the gym as their life depended on it, this could be the gift of a lifetime. Can’t think of a better way to exercise in style or elevate a home gym status with these exclusive Louis Vuitton dumbbells that are such an exclusive thing to own.

Each of the branded weights is made from lustrous metal, finished with an eye-catching monogram eclipse canvas handle and house signature engravings. The dumbbells measure 6.30 x 6.30 x 2.76 inches and weigh 6.7 lb/3 kg. The Louis Vuitton dumbbells sell for $2,650. Did that hurt?

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