Enjoy the great outdoors in the Louis Vuitton camping tent

Louis Vuitton is geared to get glamping back in our lives! For those who have found a deep-rooted connect with nature during the pandemic or if you have seen enough of the four walls of your room and want to go and spend some time in fresh and expansive nature, glamping could be your favorite new thing to do especially in a stylized Louis Vuitton way! Who could’ve thought that Louis Vuitton would release camping gear but they are on a quest to make the summer of 2020 memorable which is why they are bringing nature and nights under the stars to your doorstep with their two-seater camping tent. Off late Louis Vuitton has spun out several creations that promote stepping outdoors and being a free-spirit something that the very history of LV is rooted in. traveling, nomadic natures combined with timeless luxury, elegance, and craftsmanship have given us some very exemplary products like the extra luxurious tent. The tent will come with an equal dose of luxe, looks, and functionality; it uses water-repellent fabric, of course, decorated in LV style wherein the exterior is flanked with the famous Monogram created in 1896 and inside you will find the soft clouds that debuted in the autumn collection.

For those who still want to practice social distancing and want to make it a night right at home, this could be a great addition to your backyard till you visit your much-loved national parks and reserves.

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