A $200,000 Bentley specially designed for fly-fishing

Most people wouldn’t dream of taking their Bentleys off-road, but as it turns out, that’s exactly what Bentley wants you to do! Bentley’s coachbuilding division, Mulliner, has created the Bentayga Fly Fishing edition for millionaires who enjoy fishing in their downtime. We have two questions: Firstly, do millionaires really even like fishing? Second, who on earth would want to take a fishing trip in their Bentley? Well, Bentley seems to think this elusive breed of fly fishing millionaires needs to be counted because they’ve pulled out all the stops in creating a three-trunk storage system fitted into the boot of the car.

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This kit is made from fine wood and leather and comfortably stores all the necessary gear that fly fishing calls for. Leather-wrapped tubes under the parcel shelf hold fishing rods while a saddle leather-trimmed master tackle trunk is filled with compartments for hooks, feathers, and other necessities. The kit also includes aluminum reel cases and a special box to house boots or waders. There’s even a refreshment case that contains three metal flasks, a set of china tableware, and a food storage compartment.
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In case things start smelling fishy, there’s an electronic dehumidifier on hand to preserve that new car smell. On the one hand, we have to hand it to the folks at Mulliner who clearly went above and beyond to create a luxurious fly fishing experience (if indeed such a thing exists), but we’ve got to say this, it seems highly impractical to use so much fine leather in a kit that’s going to house smelly, damp and probably dirty fishing equipment. Even millionaires love their Bentleys, and we’re sure no self-respecting car enthusiast could ever put fishing equipment in a kit that looks like it’s been created for jewelry.
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Though, the trend for customized boots or tailgates seems to be sweeping the luxury car industry. We’ve already seen a Range Rover with a gun rack (why was this necessary?) and a Rolls Royce with a champagne bar. Wake us up someone reveals a Maserati with a functional kitchen in the boot!
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