Japanese pop up store to sell premium Star Wars furnishings and home accessories

Fanboys may not have all the resources they need to stock up their favorite collectibles, which is why there needed to be a mecca for such authentic pieces. Japan’s Otsuka Kagu has just launched a premium collectors’ store that houses just about everything a die-hard collector could get his or her hands on.

starwars collage 1
The store will be stocking up some limited edition pieces related to the franchisee around a timeline of January next year. There will be a number of different variants of Star Wars merch ranging from fabrics and rugs that intricately reflect the spirit of the brand, to an art panel that is decked up with about 20 cushion covers. With over 150 unique products themed around the characters and elements of the series, you would need a rather heavy wallet before you unleash your lustful indulgence in these fantastically crafted items.

starwars collage
A special mention goes out to the Star Wars Ukiyo-e woodblocks that are made so finely and exquisitely that it could well end up in a museum. There are three wooden plaques are drawn by Ishikawa Masumi. It reflects the art style of the Edo period in Japan and are crafted by skillful craftsmen.

Surely, this is for collectors who have evolved beyond figures and LEGO builds. Being a limited edition, one would consider a journey to the East soon!

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