Jenga set for the 0.1% – Its a Louis Vuitton and costs $2,500

If you love games but are equally smitten by luxe fashion, here’s a middle way out just for you! In pleasing Jenga lovers and its own loyal connoisseurs, Louis Vuitton has recently unveiled an extremely chic (and very very pricey) Jenga Set- one that will set fans back by a whopping $2500! Yes, you read that right!

In its luxe version, the game includes 54 plexiglass cubes that replace the good old wooden ones and come inscribed with the quintessential LV logo each. While the original set costs just $10, the Louis Vuitton replica commands 250 times the price only for a logo that has half the world going crazy for more! If reports are to be believed, the marquee’s monogrammed version isn’t even an actual licensed type, meaning fans maybe paying up the whopping sum for what could very well be a rip off! In retrospect though, the pricey game does look good for your Instagram feed!

In the past, other brands too have tried to sell off gaming merchandise for jaw-dropping prices such as the $68300 Hermes Foosball table as well as the $1050 Hermes Dice Game Set. However, there’s none that beat this unlicensed and yet so costly Jenga Gimmick! And even though there is no official word on the release date of the Louis Vuitton Jenga Set, we expect it to sell out at lightning speed despite a price tag that spells $2500!


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