Jo Malone’s Gardenia & Oud Absolu fragrance mixes English white flower gardens and the aromas of the Arabian desert

After Rose & White Musk Absolu from 2018 and Violet & Amber Absolu from 2019, The Jo Malone London Cologne Absolu Collection presents the third installment that makes things smell good in 2020. Called Gardenia & Oud Absolu, the fragrance is immediately reminiscent of the intense aromas of Arabian deserts. Gardenia & Oud pairs the bright white flower with the characteristic, smoky wood of the Middle East. with this latest offering of Jo Malone you have at your hands a perfume that sensual, warm with a deep perfumed sensation. Gardenia & Oud Absolu is a shared / unisex perfume by Jo Malone London and attaches a lingering quality of softer fragranced resinous, bitter and green hints.

Besides creamy gardenia and an intense oud note, the composition includes white flowers, white musk, and amber. Gardenia & Oud Absolu is available as 100ml cologne for $290 starting April 2020.

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[Via: Fragrantica]

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