The golden state in a bottle – Louis Vuitton Les Colognes: California Dream

Trust Louis Vuitton to give enough reasons to the world to stay fixated with the luxury brand. They have given us the best handbags, accessories, garments, and fragrances. If you are devoted fans of their Louis Vuitton’s new Les Colognes fragrance line-up, then there’s a new summery edition that you would hate to miss. Let’s leave no place for regrets and introduce “California Dream”, the latest launch of the luxury label, for which California’s picturesque sunset is the inspiration. Maître Parfumeur Jacques Cavallier Belletrud is the nose behind the perfume. California Dream captures the depth of a sunset with its warm, citrusy and oriental notes; it contains notes of mandarin, pear, musk as well as ambrette seed and benzoin. Louis Vuitton has once again collaborated with artist Alex Israel, who also dressed the predecessors West Coast, Sun Song, Cactus Garden, and Afternoon Swim. With the latest offering, Louis Vuitton is bring to you a Californian sunset in a bottle with an exciting musk-citrus contrast, making this fragrance a must-have for travelers.

The multimedia artist uses his signature “Sky Backdrop” motif to the new perfume’s packaging and glass bottle. The Eau de Cologne ‘California Dream’ is available in 100 ml ($265) and 200 ml ($390) on the official website and in the shops of Louis Vuitton.

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