Karl Largerfeld, Martha Stewart and Carine Roitfeld are among the celebrities in Rimowa’s new campaign

Rimowa, a company known for their premium travel and carry-on luggage made from materials like aluminum and polycarbonate, have debuted a new campaign on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the company’s signature aluminum suitcase. The company was acquired by LVHM and this campaign is an effort by Alexandre Arnault who is of course, the son of LVMH chairman and CEO Bernard Arnault.

The interesting new campaign will feature a number of celebrities including Karl Largerfeld, Nigo, Carine Roitfeld, David Fincher, Michael Moore, Fan Bingbing, Frédéric Malle, John Nollet, Virgil Abloh, Lykke Li, Yoon Ahn, Martha Stewart and Massimo Bottura, but you won’t be seeing their famous faces. Instead, as Rimowa told WWD, images of their own Rimowa suitcases will be accompanied by quotes from these celebrities that describe how travel has “given them character and helped shape their identity.”

While most of the campaign was shot by German photographer Frank Hülsbömer, an exception was made for Karl Largerfeld who shot his suitcase himself. That sounds exactly like something the cat loving designer would do!

“The idea was that the portrait of the suitcase becomes the portrait of the owner — the stickers, dents and scratches tell stories, just like a face would. We believe it’s an interesting approach to this type of campaign,” Hector Muelas, Rimowa’s Chief Brand Officer told WWD, “From the beginning, our suitcases have had this canvaslike quality that has enabled intentional — and unintentional — personalization. It has become like a second nature to the product, one of its most iconic aspects. So we’ve started to work on new approaches to take that notion to the next level.”

[Via:WWD (Sub reqd) ]

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