KEVIS 8: World’s most expensive shampoo offers cure for baldness

These days, people have to deal with problems related to hair loss and premature balding. Blame it on the harsh climate change or the harried lifestyle, but nowadays people are going bald at a very young age. But with the advent of science and technology, there is a cure for this as well. New Kevis shampoo offers the solution and cure for baldness. Unlike various other shampoos that only promise hair re-growth, Kevis fights the male sex hormone that causes baldness in both men and women. The male sex hormone, testosterone, which converts to a substance known as DHT, is the medically recognized cause of hair loss in both sexes. Kevin claims to have discovered a complex molecule in the human umbilical cord and semen that will keep your follicle free of DHT. And it is offering this molecule in the form of their new shampoo KEVIS 8. A safe, drug-free solution to rejuvenate hair follicles, Kevis has the molecule bio-engineered at the cost of $60,000 per kilo, making it the world’s most expensive shampoo.

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So if not the technology, the price will definitely make you believe that this shampoo is surely not kidding when it says it will cure your baldness. Wonder how many people will lose their hair just thinking of the expensive price tag.

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