Louis Vuitton has released cute mini versions of its iconic bags

Trust Louis Vuitton to use the awesomeness of their past and turn it into something entirely new and fantastic. The men have got especially lucky this time as LV has released a new line of XS mini bags that are too cute to resist. Their classic Keepall and Steamer handbags are being reinterpreted into a lighter and easier to carry mini size for spring and summer 2021. The XS versions will see the classics get reinvented in Monogram Macassar or Distorted Damier making your days fashionable and nights snazzy with every essential carried. The Damier motif is renewed, amplified, and reflected within the black and white checks inspired by Ska, a musical movement that originated in Jamaica in the 1950s before becoming all the rage in England. Zoooom and its friends are little animals created by Virgil Abloh and his team and cling to the fab LV creations as adorable accessories that add so much character to the high fashion accessory. The cutesy additions come in a three-dimension knitted version or as embroidered badges on the canvas.

Out of the 4 bags in the collection, three are mini Keepalls which can be carried by hand or over the shoulder using the detachable strap. Going by the reviews online a unanimous favorite has already emerged- the iconic Monogram Macassar print and 3D knitted monkey holding on to it.

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[Via: Numéro Magazine]

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