Louis Vuitton introduces a new collection of over the top luxury boxes

All the rich and fancy hoarders in the house, please stand up! Louis Vuitton has just the thing you need for your precious trinkets and junkies. Understanding well enough that endless shopping sprees are a part of your routine and that impulsive buys are only second nature to you, the Parisian marquee recently decided to build you mini storage that perfectly resonates with the oomph and style of, well – yours truly!

Suitable for those who already own everything under the sun, the LV luxury boxes are a far cry from your average trunks. But then again, what could one expect from a world-renowned luxury label of the LV stature? The high- end “Fantasy boxes” collection further leaves you spoilt for choice. As per your liking and whims, you can either opt for the boombox that is made out of the brand’s staple leather (that comes inscribed with signature motifs) or the Monogram Eclipsed (a black-and-white version of the classic logo) luggage case. Similarly, if you need a cozy little home for those precious Prada heels that you just picked up, LV also brings you special shoe trunks as a part of the collection.

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If you’ve heard enough and can’t wait to buy either or all of the seductive Louis Vuitton trunks, head to the brand’s New York City flagship, where the boxes are currently pined for display. After all, with the holiday season just kicking in, pleasing your opulent self with some over- the -top trunk luxury would not exactly be a bad deal!

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