Louis Vuitton celebrates its founder’s 200th birthday with a massive Lego cake. Made from 32,000 lego bricks, it comes encased in a bespoke LV trunk.

A 200th birthday is a big deal; even bigger, when it is Louis Vuitton’s! LV bags and accessories make for a perfect birthday present, but how does one celebrate the 200th birthday of the luxury house’s founder, Louis Vuitton? Marking the occasion is a Lego cake, a unique artwork encased in a specially designed Louis Vuitton trunk. The cake is made of 31,700 bricks by children using LEGO DOTS. They have splendidly managed to create an uncanny likeness to Louis Vuitton’s face using white, black, lavender, and pink Lego bricks and DOTS. The founder’s face is accompanied by the French luxury house’s founders’ first name and several decorative three-dimensional flowers.

The promotional video for the model starts with white-gloved hands opening the gorgeous LV trunk to reveal the cake. Inside are mentioned Louis Vuitton’s birth year, 1821, along with a happy birthday message. The one-of-a-kind trunk features many luxury cobalt blue-lined drawers to store the Lego pieces. This is one cake we would love to take a whiff of, if not a bite but the LEGO x Louis Vuitton 200th birthday cake is purely a promotional piece that’s not intended to be available to the general public.

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Meanwhile, all available to us is LV’s 12-story Christmas tree right on the facade of 57th Street on fifth avenue. The 2-D installation features the LV logo and ornaments and scales the entire length of the store’s building.

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