Louis Vuitton’s $960 luxury face shield get mocked and shamed on social media

What Louis Vuitton is calling stylish and protective, people have dubbed as ‘profiteering’ and ‘robbery.’ Only last week we shared Louis Vuitton’s monogram-print face shield that’s part of Louis Vuitton’s 2021 Cruise Collection. We estimated its price to cross the $700 price point and unsurprisingly the face shield is selling for exactly $960 which’s barely a few dollars short of $1000. To be honest, one can put in some extra moolah and get them some LV arm candy like the Louis Vuitton félicie pochette or get the pretty LV Tribute Bracelet that retails for $370 instead. Critics did as critics do, and twitter slammed Louis Vuitton for offering a designer face shield during the global crisis. Of course to their defense, Louis Vuitton does claim the LV Shield also doubles as a cap, has gold studs that are engraved with the Louis Vuitton logo as well as a monogrammed print head-strap and trim. The feature of the visor’s photochromatic shield that changes color from clear to dark when in direct sunlight also adds to the price tag. Nothing seems to appease this outrage as one Twitter user said, “’I don’t know how rich or how stupid one would need to be to drop a thousand dollars on an LV face shield. If absolutely necessary, I’ll wait for the $5 counterfeit,’ Another user fussed, ‘I’m certain Louis Vuitton would have made “luxury” life jackets for the Titanic if they could have. Extortion and daylight robbery,’

The rant wasn’t just limited to comments but someone went two steps ahead to mock the shield by sharing a photo of himself wearing a knockoff version made out of Louis Vuitton monogrammed tape and a plastic bag. The COVID-19-inspired accessory is slated to hit stores worldwide on October 30 as part of the French fashion house’s 2021 Cruise Collection and by the looks of it won’t have many takers.

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