The ultimate accessory for jetsetters – The Louis Vuitton face shield ensures you stay safe and fashionable!

Coronavirus is close to completing its 1 year anniversary on our planet. If it’s still looming around us chances of it overstaying its welcome well into the first half of 2021 look bright. Face masks and face shields have got to be turned into our natural extensions. Call it an appendage of security, a fashion accessory, or a new way of living we have got to embrace them, and when they look as fancy as the high-end luxury brands are making them, who has anything to complain? If you’re the owner of several fancy face masks then its time you upgraded your collection with a smart, monogram-print face shield that’s part of Louis Vuitton’s 2021 Cruise Collection. Hazmat suits are going to be the next big thing that will constitute a lot of fashion-forward airport looks and the LV face shield will start feeling like a fashion necessity. It’s only a matter of time brands like Burberry, Louis Vuitton, etc dish out some amazing Hazmat suits to club with these safety accessories and make traveling safe and fun again.

With travel built into Louis Vuitton’s DNA, we can trust they know exactly what they are doing. Fashionable jet-setters won’t be able to keep their hands off the LV face shield come 2021 and while we don’t have any confirmed prices and availability dates we are assuming it will set a sanitized hand back by at least $700.

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Update – The Louis Vuitton Covid 19 face shield with a monogrammed strap will sell for $961.

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