Louis Vuitton’s new monogrammed backpack trunks to make glamping more glamorous

Would you truly look stylish going glamping with your Louis Vuitton tent and carrying your stuff in a run-of-the-mill backpack? Here is the fun in that? It simply doesn’t work that way anymore; especially not when you have a perfectly complementing Cloud and Mirror backpack trunks. The art of travel is redefined by Louis Vuitton’s stunner trunks Monogram Cloud and Monogram Mirror. No bigger dilemma than choosing one over the other as beautifully captures the enchanting blue sky by using LV-shaped clouds, while the other catches the sun’s bright light, reflecting its surroundings. What’s common to both trunks is the presence of a dreamy, nostalgic setting that drops in a fairytale element in an adventurous one. A traditionalist would like to opt for the Monogram Mirror backpack that keeps the monogrammed exterior intact but inside lies a sweet surprise; the mirrored trunk looks splendid with printed ‘LV’ cloud interior, internal zipped compartment and cotton straps. The contemporary explorer would love the Monogram Cloud backpack trunk with its interior wrapped in calfskin, containing discreet compartments and the classic cotton straps. Traditional wooden slats adorn the trunks’ lids, while lozines, original leather trimmings in blue or white calfskin leather enclose the Monogram exteriors.

These trunks perfectly represent LV’s nomadic spirit that keeps in mind a traveler’s many travels without leaving style behind. In the case of the Monogram trunks, you can either hold the trunks by the leather handle or wear it as a backpack using its two detachable leather straps. One thing is guaranteed- you will be a trunk-holding head-turner either way.

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