Louis Vuitton teams up with Yayoi Kusama for a new collection

Louis Vuitton has collaborated with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, renowned for her polka dots, to bring out a brand new collection. This isn’t the first tie-up for the two, as they have presented designs in London and are working for one in New York. Together since 2006, the designs will finally hit stores this year. Launching ahead of the Whitney Museum New York exhibition on July 10th, the brand will put up this new line of clothes and accessories. You can expect trenchcoats, silk pajamas, pendant necklace, and wristwatch across LV’s 461 soon and will sport Kusama’s tentacle-like “nerves” motif.

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The fashion brand is also going to come out with an iPhone app next month to let users snap pictures and customize them with Kusama motifs like dots. Not associating with any product, the app will be available in both English and Japanese.

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