Lucky Youtuber bought a lost shipping container for $7000 and ended up with ‘$55,000 of designer goods’ including Louis Vuitton bags, Hermes jewels, and a lot more

HopeScope is the account of Hope, who often shares her bargain hauls on her YouTube channel. In one of her latest videos, she spent around $7000 on a lost shipping container at the auction house Erkelens & Olson. The lost shipping container was marked as ‘high end and claimed to contain thousands of unclaimed designer goods. While uncovering the lot, Hope seemed a bit hopeful to have bagged the designer treasure of dreams. In the video, Hope said, “This is either going to be a complete waste of money or the coolest thing I ever bought.”

The almost 18-minute video shows her opening package after package of the most luxurious brands in the world. From Louis Vuitton wallets for men and women to totes and even Hermes handbags, the girl got really lucky (if not fake). There was a plethora of Ralph Lauren trunks, nearly 20, and several sports shoes from brands like Nike, LV, Yeezy, etc.

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The ruby-red Gucci slides fit Hope perfectly and were stunning enough to make cinderella jealous. Unfortunately for her, the gorgeous Christian Louboutin nude pumps didn’t fit her. Hope’s sea of designer goods also included a couple of duds like a golf kit, an Elvis Presley lamp, and baseball cards.

Other fancy things she got her hands on were four pairs of Gucci glasses and two belts, while Hope was delighted to discover four Hermes pendants at a value of nearly $700 and three $5k Hermes bags. The Sun shared, after having worked out the value of everything in the box, Hope said, “If all of this stuff ends up being real, then this pallet is worth about $55,218 (£40,716).”

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However, Hope is fully prepared for it to be far less than that. She continued, “Auctions like this usually don’t make any promises about how authentic any of the things are, so that’s something we’re going to have to figure out ourselves.”

[Via: The Sun]

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