Kylie Jenner is dethroned by ‘The Rock’ who makes a cool million bucks per post – Here is how much the 10 highest paid celebrities make on a single Instagram post

When you are among the richest people on the planet how do you make yourself happy? All the cars, jewelry, mansions, etc can’t buy you the happiness that comes from being termed ‘the richest’. Some may rely on Forbes and its coveted listings and pray they make it to the list. Some even fight their way into it (read: Kanye West). But let’s not forget the world is run by Instagram and the only way to make it to Forbes is by earning the top spot on Instagram. The top-earning celebrities on Instagram are certainly one of the richest in the world and we have listed them below for your perusal:

Via Instagram / @nickiminaj

10. Nicki Minaj, 119 million Instagram followers, $625,000 per post
Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty aka Nicki Minaj is one of the most influential female rap artists of all time. She has topped the Billboard Hot 100 twice. She has also been nominated for 10 Grammy Awards. In 2016, Minaj was included on the annual Time list of the 100 most influential people in the world. Of all her songs “Super Bass,” “Starships,” and “Anaconda” are most foot-tapping

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9. Jennifer Lopez, 126 million Instagram followers, $663,000 per post
Jlo fans get a sneak peek into the Latina goddesses’ life on Insta. The star has documented it all right from her killer workouts to announcements regarding her personal life Jlo does it all here. She knows her fans are watching and waiting which is why she is also always clued in and raking in the big bucks while doing so.

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Via Instagram / @taylorswift

8. Taylor Swift, 136 million Instagram followers, $722,000 per post
Taylor Swift is definitely one of the most followed persons on Instagram. One may think it’s her magical voice or gorgeous looks but actually her insta fame is credited to her cats.

Via Instagram / @justinbieber

7. Justin Beiber, 141 million Instagram followers, $747,000 per post
The star communicates about his personal and professional life through Instagram and that hits the spot with his fans/beliebers. He opened up about drugs, fame and also called himself the most hated person on the planet. He also shares lovely pictures of his life with supermodel Hailey which is a treat for his fans.

Via Instagram / @beyonce

6. Beyonce Knowles, 150 million Instagram followers, $770,000 per post
So we know that Beyonce charges a bomb per post on Instagram but did you know the queen follows no one on Insta? It’s a strange thing to do on Instagram but she is a true queen and doesn’t really adhere to any rules. Her insta is packed with compelling captions, professional-looking photos but also several candid moments.

Via Instagram / @selenagomez

5.Selena Gomez, 183 million Instagram followers, $848,000 per post
She is one of the most influential celebrities on social media. Her off-again off-again relationship with ex- Justin Beiber has translated to liking and unliking posts on Instagram and fans are always on the dekko for some developments in this regard. She recently unloaded her entire year on her Instagram page and fans couldn’t get enough.

Via Instagram / @arianagrande

4. Ariana Grande, 195 million followers, $853,000 per post
The queen of Instagram is Ariana Grande. She’s winning hearts with her albums and is now of the biggest stars on Instagram with a massive following. She shares it all from behind-the-scenes photo shoots to heartfelt messages. In fact, her latest post sparked pregnancy rumors among fans.

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Via Instagram / @kimkardashian

3.Kim Kardashian, 180 million Instagram followers, $858,000 per post
Fans get a daily dose of her makeup and skim collections on Kim K’s Insta stories. Her feed is full of everything that happens in her life- makeup, glam, kids, Kanye, skims, family. While there is a good amount of sexiness her most liked posts are one’s where Kim Kardashian is fully clothed and in full mom mode.

Via Instagram / @kyliejenner

2. Kylie Jenner, 186 million Instagram followers, $986,000 per post
She is a force to reckon with and undoubtedly the highest-paid female Instagram influencer leaving behind names like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez. Anyone following Kylie on Instagram gets first-hand information on her life, daughter, business, and parties. She teams up with bestie Anastasia Karanikalou for some pretty entertaining tik tok videos too. All in all this is one engaging account that fans look forward to.

Via Instagram / @therock

1.Dwayne Johnson, 190 million Instagram followers, $1,015,000 per post
Dwayne the rock Johnson makes through one post on Instagram what most people make in a lifetime making him the highest-paid Instagram Influencer in the world. The wrestler-turned-actor could charge advertisers more than $1m for each sponsored post according to the social media marketing firm Hopper HQ. The news of Johnson’s wealth is no surprise, as the 48-year-old was named one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors in 2019 by business magazine Forbes and has now topped the Instagram Rich List.

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