From stopping traffic to sitting in a dumpster – Here are some hilarious videos showing influencers going nuts for the gram

There was a time, during the earlier decades when people worked their derrieres off to become doctors, astronauts and all those faculties that were tough to become a part of. They still do that to become ‘influencers’. Of course, influencing people is a lot harder than one would imagine. It doesn’t require to be stuck to your chairs, head buried in books; it requires the very opposite. It’s funny the lengths to which people aka influencers go to get the perfect shot or to get the right angles and capture a moment that isn’t ordinary. Sometimes that means stopping a busy traffic-filled road in New York to take the perfect shot while being surrounded by blaring horns or even balancing yourself on a trash-filled dumpster to get the perfect shot of your friend. The dedication of influencers and their team is something unfathomable to be honest. These things happen all the time which is why comedian Tank Sinatra’s hilarious Instagram account called ‘influencers in the wild’ documents just how far they will go for the gram. ‘Influencers in the Wild’ captures them in the most hilarious, awkward positions which are both funny and so telling of their professions and the hazards.

Of all the funny posts we have come across the funniest is where a supportive boyfriend (pun intended) tried to hold his hapless bikini-clad partner in a handstand pose only for the perfect picture, she can sure as hell take a fall later. Then there was one which wasn’t challenging or threatening in any way but plain funny as a child in a stroller is busy taking pictures of poser parents in a park. Way to spend some quality time there! The account has gained amazing popularity as it was created only a month ago and already boasts of over 1.6 million followers. If you come across such funny moments in your life you can feel free to submit these antics to @influencersinthewild.

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