Travelling the world and drowning us in wanderlust – Check out the staggering amount of money these 10 travel influencers are making per Instagram post

The world is filled with exotic locations, beautiful beaches, mighty mountains, and a travel-starved population that’s itching to pack their bags and feed the wanderlust. That, unfortunately, is an impossibility at the moment but head to Instagram and you will have this gorgeous world at your feet. Instagram’s travel influencers are doing what few of us can afford to do but they experiment for us, and we benefit by avoiding the trial and errors. From visiting the best of locales to experiencing new cultures, tasting new foods they do it all and we follow. Here are the top 10 travel influencers of Instagram whose posts are making our travel plans easier to pull off:

Via Instagram / @hannes_becker

10. Hannes Becker- Europe- 1.6 million followers – $10,200 per post
This German-based freelance photographer and licensed drone operator has got a massive following owing to his specialization in outdoors, adventures, and landscapes. He is one of the world’s most-followed travel photographers.

Via Instagram / @ladzinski

9. Keith Ladzinski- USA- 1.7 million followers – $11,300 per post
The world-renowned photographer who has traveled the lengths and breaths of all continents is also a contributor to National Geographic. His main focus remains on natural history, extreme sports, and advertising. Keith also works as a director and has been making films and television content since 2011.

Via Instagram / @alexstrohl

8. Alex Strohl- Europe- 2.1 million followers – $14,200 per post
This Madrid born, French photographer has become a well-known name owing to the remarkable travels that often take him to the most remote reaches of the world. Strohl’s photography has been featured in prestigious publications such as Forbes, Vanity Fair, and Gentleman’s Journal.

Via Instagram / @gypsea_lust

7.Lauren Bullen- Australia- 2.2 million followers – $14,500 per post
With a deep passion for traveling & creating imagery, Lauren Bullen permanently travels around the world with her partner Jack Morris an equally (a tad bit more) well-known travel influencer. Together they create unique content around the world and based in Bali, Indonesia between their travels. Jealous much?

Via Instagram / @doyoutravel

6. Jack Morris – United Kingdom- 2.8 million followers – $18,600 per post
The man behind the travel blog Do You Travel, has traveled to more than 20 countries, with his partner and renowned influencer Lauren Bullen. Not too long ago the Instagramming couple faced a lot of backlash for flaunting their luxurious lifestyle in their newly done Bali mansion during the pandemic.

Via Instagram / @thebucketlistfamily

5. Garrett and Jessica Gee- USA- 2.5 million followers- $26,500 per post
Who are now known as the Bucket List family took the bold step of selling all of their belongings, take the $45,000 and began traveling the world with their two young children. They too faced the wrath of their followers when they put their 5-year-old son into a shark tank for an adventurous activity.

Via Instagram / @chrisburkard

4. Chris Burkard- USA- 3.7 million followers- $24,300 per post
Chris Burkard, an American photographer is known for his photojournalistic approach to making editorial projects using various kinds of media. His focus usually remains on capturing landscape, lifestyle, surf, outdoor, and travel subjects.

Via Instagram / @muradosmann

3. Murad Osmann- Europe- 4.1 million followers- $27,000 per post
If the name doesn’t ring a bell then his ongoing “Follow Me” series of works featuring his wife Nataly Zakharova leading him around the world surely will. originally all #Followmeto photos were made on an iPhone, but recently Osmann is using a DSLR camera to have a wider field of view. His work is truly breathtaking.

Via Instagram / @paulnicklen

2. Paul Nicklen-United Kingdom- 6.7 million followers- $44,400 per post
A wearer of many hats, Paul Nicklen is an acclaimed Canadian photographer, film-maker, and marine biologist. He is a contributing photographer for National Geographic Magazine. Nicklen, together with modern conservation photography pioneer Cristina Mittermeier, co-founded SeaLegacy an organization that uses visual storytelling and photography to further the cause of ocean conservation.

Via Instagram / @caiocastro

1.Caio Castro- South America – 14.9 million followers- $1.3 million per post
Caio Castro is a Brazilian actor and model who gained popularity as the antagonist Bruno Oliveira Guimarães on the popular teen television series Malhação. He later became one of the most followed travel influencers of the world. You should follow Caio for the latest travel trends and insights as well as knowing great destinations around the world.

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