Renowned Instagrammer couple slammed for bragging about luxuriously isloating in their three storey mansion admist the Covid19 pandemic

If life was kinder and would allow me to choose my spot of quarantine and social distancing then I’d surely want to spend my quarantined days (or the rest of my life) at travel bloggers Lauren Bullen, 26, and her partner Jack Morris’s home which is more like a lavish, luxurious, commodious villa in Bali, Indonesia. The influencers are currently isolated in their rather posh home with a lot of things to be thankful for, however, their recent posts haven’t gone well with their fan following. The recent posts show Jack playing Mario Kart on an incredible cinema-style screen in a palatial living area that boasts views of their lap pool outside; he captioned the photo- ‘What our self-isolation looks like here in Bali. Netflix and Mario Kart is pretty much my life right now! What are you guys doing to keep entertained at home? Hope everyone is staying safe,’ This triggered an array of comments that went very against them; one such lashing comment mentioned ‘things could be worse mate’ and some called them ‘sick brag’. Another one wasn’t an all-out attack but said, ‘Wow there are different levels of quarantine in the world’. Times are tough no doubt and people who have been left jobless and dealing with the demons of isolation will find such a post hurtful.
The couple earns a six-figure salary from social media, and their three-story mansion is built on a plot of land, made entirely from Instagram profits. The mansion is gorgeous including three-bedroom, five-bathroom, Floor-to-ceiling glass walls concrete benchtops in the kitchen and a 10-person dining table for entertaining. If that doesn’t make you green with envy already, maybe the master bedroom with a ‘floating’ bed or garden area with a cabana, outdoor shower, and pool decked in white marble will.

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[Via: Fox News]

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