Residents of London’s tony neighborhood Notting Hill are enraged as Instagrammers are infesting their scenic landscape for that ‘perfect shot’

As if the paparazzi aren’t bothersome enough for celebrities like Robbie Williams and Stella McCartney, a plethora of influencers and bloggers have plagued the picturesque landscape of Notting Hill. Unfortunately, it’s not just our adored stars that have to face the wrath of social media; even residents of the starry London neighbourhood are troubled by this emerging phenomenon.

Olivia Lamb, who lives near Notting Hill Station, told the Evening Standard: ‘They’ll just set themselves up for hours on your doorstep with a range of outfits. ‘They make no effort to move when people come in and out of their houses. I’ve come across our doorstep on Instagram many times.’

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Instagram has not only proved to become a millennial addiction, but the social media app is often viewed as a lucrative business for bloggers, as they charge brands thousands of dollars to advertise their products. Influencers and bloggers then explore various parts of the world, clicking visually appealing pictures and post them.

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Residents of Notting Hill claim influencers often request them to permit photo shoots inside their homes. Indeed, the vibrant coloured homes in the vicinity prove to be beautiful backgrounds.


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