A model and her Louis Vuitton bag – Could this be the weirdest sponsored Instagram post ever?

Some people love sleeping next to their loved ones. Scientists also say that sleeping next to someone you love has incredible health benefits. I’m sure model and Home and Away actress Pia Miller truly loves her Louis Vuitton bag as she’s seen sleeping next to it in her latest insta post. Benefit? Taking a guess, this is a sponsored post so the benefits are right there in the picture. The star has a mountainous number of followers – 732,000 Instagram followers who I’m positive must be finding this totally bizarre. The 36-year-old tagged the brand in her caption and could be seen napping next to a new $2,690 leather handbag from the luxe label. Can we attribute this bizarre post to a genuine lack of sleep or creativity? ‘Standard,’ Pia wrote, adding a napping emoji; ‘With my fav Louis Vuitton. Happy holidays,’ she added. It is not confirmed if this post was sponsored but the hottie did tag the brand. Earlier too she posed up with a $2,240 luggage bag from Louis Vuitton, so it could be genuine love for the brand that keeps popping on her feed.

If this indeed was a sponsored post, I would want to get a much better look at that beautiful bag. Could do a lot more with than just napping next to it. Carrying it and giving the world a better peek at its charm would be a good start, don’t you think?

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[Via – Dailymail]

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