Louis Vuitton unveils their Objets Nomades furniture collection at Milan’s Salone de Mobile

Louis Vuitton recently unveiled a truly lust-worthy collection of furniture at the Milan Furniture Fair (Salone de Mobile). The brand worked with nine well known designers namely, Patricia Urquiola, Atelier Oï, Barber & Osgerby, Nendo, Campana Brothers, Gwenaël Nicolas, Raw Edges, Damien Langlois-Meurinne and Maarten Baas to create the collection titled Objets Nomades. Inspired by the Art of Travel theme, the 16 piece collection includes hanging chairs, lamps and foldable furniture. Here are some of our favorites:

Leather stool
With prices starting at a staggering $3,650, these stools might just be one of the neatest pieces in the collection. Crafted from cow leather with a synthetic lining, the stools have a rigid frame for support but can also be collapsed into a more portable shape. The folding leather stool is from Atelier Öi.

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Foldable Travel Desk
Made with a maple frame with a leather top this unique table comes with a $34,900 price tag. And that’s just the starting price!

Sitting Stools
Patricia Urquiola has designed this portable seats to fold into the shape of a chic and sassy handbag! There’s also a hanging chair that similarly transforms into a bright yellow bag.

Hanging Cabinet
From the Campana brothers comes this purple fringed hanging cabinet priced at an impressive $51,500. If the striking colors and eye catching design weren’t enough, you’ll be pleased to know that this design uses recycled leather.

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Knit Inspired Hammock
The second design from Atelier Öi is likely to be the crowd favorite. This knitwear inspired leather hammock needs to travel with you to all your tropical vacations.

“We’re a house that is inspired by design, but we don’t want to be a furniture house; we like to feel that we’re guests and we’re invited to the Salone [del Mobile],” said Vuitton’s president and chief executive officer Michael Burke about the collection. The Objets Nomades collection will be on display until April 19th.

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