Louis Vuitton’s Tambour Horizon Light Up timepiece is smart, vibrant, and comes with a custom-designed operating system.

Louis Vuitton gives you the gift of time- a very swanky, technically advanced, and chic-looking Tambour Horizon Light Up Timepiece. It looks like a child that came out of the marriage of the Tambour Street Diver watch with Louis Vuitton’s striking Horizon Light Up speakers. This fashionable yet technically sound child, aka Tambour Horizon Light Up Timepiece, is all sorts of eye-catching. The 1.2-inch circular display is crafted from sapphire glass that works with a custom-designed operating system that primarily responds to a method of swipes. The watch is a literal rainbow on your wrists as with every notification, its 24 LED lights built beneath the monogram dial ring light up with striking glow-in-the-dark visuals on the user’s wrist.

With the Tambour Horizon Light up watch, Louis Vuitton chose to ditch Wear OS, the Google-made smartwatch system and has dubbed this new ecosystem as ‘made for iPhone. The Tambour Horizon Light Up has eight built-in dial configurations to choose from, like a striped animation, another one featuring Vivienne, Maison’s enchanting mascot, and so on. Users can customize the watch to add their initials and in hues and fonts of their liking. This swipe system allows users to navigate several apps and options with ease. You open the ‘my day’ tab by swiping right, covering the agenda, step count, and heart rate. Swiping down will reveal notifications.

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To access the control panel on the watch, one needs to swipe up. The watch also includes tabs like ‘my travel,’ which will manage your travel plans and boarding passes, as well as 30 of Louis Vuitton’s expertly curated city guides. The Tambour Horizon Light It Up is available on all Louis Vuitton websites and retail stores. The polished steel model sells for $3,300, and the more stylish matte black and brown models for $3,600 a pop.

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