Louis Vuitton decides to luxe up purses and prices to lure deeper pockets

A whole lot of LV gets a whole lot pricier. No need to bid your LV love goodbye just yet, though. Because the handbags are also about to get a whole lot haute-er! The brand may can canvas in favor of leather luxe-d decadence, which means that ‘designer’ will soon equal ‘deeper pockets’ and elevated elegance.

After decades doused in canvas charisma, Louis Vuitton’s monogrammed canvas companions seem to have lost to leather. The success of the new W and Capucine’s purses seems to have sparked a high-end-tote chain reaction. Not only did the totes star alongside Michelle Williams in a glamorous campaign but their respective $3,380 and $4,730 saw several takers. Yet Vuitton finds itself underperforming compared to the Givenchy’s and Célines. LVMH CFO Jean-Jacques Guiony announced in a conference call that the company is beginning a shift toward higher-priced accessories with higher quality materials (read: NOT canvas). Clearly an attempt to bag bigger buyers!

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If fashion were F1, Vuitton’s canvas totes would be the Fernando Alonsos of the day. Or not. Still, they certainly wouldn’t be out of the race. For now, let’s just say it’s stock-up or save-up because they seem to have gone the Schumacher way.

[Via – Refinery29]

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