Louis Vuitton’s newest face, Michelle Williams, poses with W and Capucines handbags

With the latest designs from luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton comes news of the latest entrant to join a long list of Hollywood stars who have struck a pose (or more) for the label. Stepping alongside the likes of Madonna and Angelina Jolie is Golden Globe winner and repeat Oscar nominee, Michelle Williams. The pixie- haired actress sports sultry red lips in Louis Vuitton’s latest ad campaign featuring the new W and Capucines handbags. If Louis Vuitton designs walked, they’d be in the Oscar- running too! The W Bag with its tight lines and three- part body, is a blend of various plush materials. Neither rigid, nor limp, the W is a geometric prodigy bathed in rare leathers with the emblematic Monogram canvas that renders a fresh vision to the Vuitton.

The Capucines, on the other hand, captures the label’s timeless chic, ensconced in Parnassian history. Part of the Louis Vuitton Parnasséa collection, the Taurillon leather- enhanced Capucines plays the perfect accessory to the ever- enduring and alluring feminine mystique.

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Louis Vuitton’s signature monogrammed trunks add ‘vintage’ to the visuals, which, combined with a very sensual Willams, dressed in lace slips and mannish coats of Marc Jacobs’ (Fall/Winter 2013 collection), highlight the heritage of the luxury label.

Famed photographer, Peter Lindbergh captures the stellar star’s goth meets girl-next-door pensiveness, in a series of stunning images as she subtly flaunts the exquisite elegance of the latest additions to the French label.

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It isn’t hard to see why the actress is the new French fashion house- favorite. Singled out for her outstanding talent and independent spirit, not to mention, her flair for the dramatic on red carpets and off, Michelle Williams continues to be lauded for unconventional roles in films like ‘Brokeback Mountain’, ‘My Blue Valentine’ or her latest, ‘My Week With Marilyn’, even as the much- awaited ‘Suite Française’ continues to be shot.

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Equally awaited remains the new Louis Vuitton advertising campaign starring Michelle Williams, due to break in the September issues with the W bag and October issues with Capucines bag of magazines worldwide. And fashionistas world over wait with baited breath.

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