Louis Vuitton’s luxury pencils are the writing instruments you never knew you wanted!

Louis Vuitton is on a mission to amp up your writing desk with their fabulous Art of Gifting collection. You’ve already bought their dainty ruler, now complement it with these undeniably pretty pencils from the maison. The pencil duo is held together with a clasp featuring the brand’s delicate four petal flower.

The pencils are covered with red and pink leather that has been hot stamped with the brand name is gold. Whether you use them to write Thank You notes (what else would you do with Louis Vuitton pencils?) or gift them to a loved one, these pencils are a pleasure to buy and use.

Are they are must have accessory? Nope! Will you regret spending $185 on them? Probably. Is that going to stop you from splurging on pencils from your favorite house of luxury? We’re going to go with “No”.

Buy Louis Vuitton’s June Pencil Duo here: Louisvuitton

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