Louis Vuitton makes rulers now, and you can bet they’re the fanciest you’ve ever seen!

A pretty pin hue, leather lining and those classic Louis Vuitton flowers define this desktop staple. No, we’re not talking about a new handbag or wallet from LV! We’re referring to the Nikki ruler from their new collection of gift. We’ve already picked our favorites from the Art of Gifting range and gave a special mention to their Gaston Mouse pad, but today we’re spotlighting Louis Vuitton’s take on the pencil case staple- the ruler.

The ruler is lined with leather for extra comfort, to offer a luxurious take on the classic ruler. Drawing inspiration from the playful rulers you used as a child, Louis Vuitton has incorporated their trademark four petal flowers in the form of stencils which inject a bit of fun into the ruler. Buy it alone or along with a set of Louis Vuitton pencils and a notebook.

[Available at : Louisvuitton]

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