Our 5 picks from Louis Vuitton’s much awaited 2017 art of gifting collection

Louis Vuitton is making Gifting an art form with their new collection. The collection is made up of elegant and refined (as Louis Vuitton products usually are!) everyday objects that are perfect for giving away (V-Day is coming up!) or just adding to your own desk or room for a touch of class. Much like the mousepad that’s also part of this collection, these objects aren’t exactly the most useful especially given the luxury price tag, but nobody ever said that you buy Louis Vuitton for utility! Read on to know our top 5 picks from the collection.

Gaston Pencil Holder
You never thought you’ve need an LV pencil holder but now that you’ve seen it you can’t think of anything else that your desk needs more! We’ve all been there. This sleek and simple design is available in two colors: grey and navy.
Available for $455

Scott Photo Frame
This gold and plexiglass design is a genius tribute to the brand’s historic trunks! Featuring an LV monogram on the border, this frame makes a perfect gift for the trunk loving LV fan in your life.
Available for $500

Clarence box
Contrasting stitching, a microfiber lining and the iconic Monogram Flower set this leather box apart. A perfect storage nook for knick-knacks or jewelry, the boxes are available in three sizes and can be stored one inside the other.
Available for $568

Arsène playing cards pouch
Whether your play with friends or by yourself, card game lovers deserve to store their favorite stack in a pretty pouch. This one features a vivid red flap to contrast with the classic brown monogram print.
Available for $390

June Pencil Duo
These two leather-clad pencils are held together by a monogram flower clasp. The rosy hues make them particularly great Valentine’s gifts for your favorite writer friend.
Available for $150

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