Louis Vuitton’s Patches collection is here – these are our must-haves

If you like your accessories with a side of youthful flavor, you’ll love the newly debuted Patches Collection from Louis Vuitton. This Maison is known for serving up twists and variations of their classic monogram print, and many of their accessories collections superimpose graphic prints and designs of the familiar brown monogram canvas. This collection is a version of that theme with fun applique style patches splashed across their shoes, bags and small leather goods. The inspiration is , of course, the various patches and stickers that can be found on the luggage of frequent fliers.
Check out some of our favorite items below:

Speedy 30 Bandouliere – $2,010
The Speedy 30 is perfectly sized to hold essentials while you’re on vacation. From your sunglasses to your water bottle, this bag will hold everything with room to spare in case you’re in the mood to shop. If you can only have one item from the collection, it has to be this bag.

LV Black Heart Platform Desert Boot – $1,350
There’s a rebellious vibe to these chunky soled desert boots which bear three eye-catching patches on the side. Pair them with a flirty day dress for a sharp contrast or play up the grunge vibe with black jeans and a t-shirt.

City Pouch – $810
If you’re looking for a slice of the collection, but you want to make it a budget buy, the city pouch is the way to go. It’s small and versatile, so you don’t have to worry about it being a trend-piece, but it captures the happy-traveler vibe of the Patches collection. It comes with a removable wrist strap so it can be a wallet or a clutch.

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