Thom Browne designs ‘doggy’ bag for men, dachshund to be precise

It is hard to keep a straight face, even writing about this. Can you take a man who carries a dachshund-shaped business “bag” seriously? No, right! Thom Browne thought when he designed this new collection called “Hector,” supposedly a unique “statement” piece of accessory. Well, you don’t say! The inspiration was his pet dachshund. So could see a man in smart business attire walk with a plush, even furry, dog in hand. Clearly, the designer is hoping someone will buy these bags and for good money. This bizarre collection is priced at $2600 apiece. While this is the new men’s autumn-winter 2016 collection, Thom has also designed a similar style for women’s pre-fall 2016.

Not as daring though, as the dachshunds only appear on embroideries on skirt hems, capes, ties and clutches or little handbags. The bags come in black, or white, red and black mixes. Or in fur.
The person who awarded him with the CDFA Menswear Designer of the Year is insane.

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[ Via : Hypebeast ]

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