Would someone actually want to be buried in this Lous Vuitton x Supreme casket?

You, like us, may have woken up a couple of days ago to find pictures and videos on social media featuring a casket that appeared to be covered with the white-on-red logo pattern that splashed all over the Louis Vuitton x Supreme capsule collection. A reaction of utmost curiosity mixed with awe seems almost par for the course. Who was this mysterious LV x Supreme superfan?

It’s pretty unlikely that the unorthodox resting place was actually created by Louis Vuitton and Supreme (although, we are open to conspiracy theories about the brands’ more dubious side businesses), but the authenticity of the picture does make us think that somebody really did love this collaboration that much. As far as final resting places go, LV monograms are definitely better than teakwood.

I wonder if this is a trend that will catch on. We’ve certainly heard of people who were buried dressed in their best Chanel clothes or with their Rolex strapped to their wrists, but being buried in a “luxury” coffin certainly seems to take this practice to a whole new level. Can we call dibs on a Dolce and Gabbana floral casket?


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