I must admit Louis Vuitton’s striking Horizon Light Up speakers are as much utilitarian as objet d’art

That Louis Vuitton is a brand that’s out of this world is no secret. But little did we know it would take all this praise and turn it into a light-up wireless speaker that looks like a UFO. Indeed glad that they did though the idea was to make the Horizon Light Up leather-bound wireless speaker looks like the brand’s Toupiebag; the addition of the lights makes it look much more like a UFO. The Horizon Light Up Speaker is an example of creative design while showcasing Louis Vuitton’s heritage and artisanal craftsmanship. We are completely in awe of the design and conceptualization here.

Louis Vuitton liberally uses the LV monogram that adorns the surface in leather as it narrows in. another stylish element is the French luxury house’s namespaced out around the speaker’s widest point at its center. The elegant speaker comes with a subwoofer surrounded by a rainbow of lights that make the LV flower insignia glow. Music lovers can enjoy the sound in a specific direction by laying it on its side or enjoy 360º audio by setting it on the included stand. Louis Vuitton’s new speaker can pair devices via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, AirPlay 2, and more. The Maison’s Spirit of Travel is reflected in this creation as the speakers can be a companion indoors or outdoors, anytime, and anywhere.

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LV is dedicating a lot of time to create strong reminders of travel- something the world is currently longing for. Remember the $39,000 airplane bag by Louis Vuitton? It reminds me of the pricey airplane bag but without the possibly insane price tag. Fashionistas, there’s a little something for you too; a leather strap makes it easy to carry, which will give you the feel of holding a Toupie bag but one that sings! The price for the Horizon Light Up is yet to be announced. The Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up Speaker will be launched worldwide on July 30 launch.

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