You Can Wear A Tankini! Shop For The Coolest Plus-Size Swimwear Right Now

We’ve all been there. An upcoming family vacation or office pool party looms on our calendar. These events may even take place out of season, and soon. You suddenly realize that you have no idea where you packed your swimsuit. Then there’s that moment of panic.

Anyone looking for a bathing suit during the off-season has reason to worry. Retail stores often have slim pickings during thesetransition months, or even worse, have priced the latest summer arrivals at inflated prices. And if you happen to be a plus-size lady, a whole new challenge arises. Unfortunately most retailers haven’t caught on to the fact that women size 10 and up deserve a trendy beautiful bathing suit just like their smaller counterparts. That’s where online shopping comes in handy. A whole new crop of Internet retailers have designed sexy, comfortable swimwear for curvaceous gals in plenty of flattering styles.

If you’ve always worn a one-piece before but are curious about dipping your toe into the new wave of plus-size swimwear, consider the tankini. This style offers full coverage of your stomach and thighs (which are traditionally areas that you may feel sensitive exposing to your family members and co-workers), but is still fashionable and sexy. The tankini accentuates your toned arms and legs and can play up your bustline, bringing attention to your face. The right style will hug your curves. It’s classy while still being classically sexy, leaving much to the imagination.

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Consider the tankini as the bikini’s more conservative little sister. Women often don’t have the toned stomach of a supermodel because we’re far too busy living life to do crunches. Maybe you’ve just had a baby, gained some winter weight or can’t stop your love affair with carbs. The tankini can disguise your stomach pooch while keeping you looking modern and fun. Instead of being strapped into a confining one-piece, you can even roll up this style to work on your tan. Some suits are even adjustable, depending on your desire to show a little more skin.

Trying out a brand new style (and pulling it off) can be a great boost to a woman’s confidence. Look for cute details like color blocking, ruching and bottoms that tie up on the side. Even Oprah’s magazine has said that this style can give off the impression of a slimmer appearance thanks to its form-fitting design. And who can ever disagree with Oprah?

If you want to start exploring your options, do a little research to determine what style of swimsuit works for your body. Since you know your body the best, look for suits that play up your best features while disguising your so-called “problem areas.” Woman with larger chests should look for underwire support and suits that offer properly made moulded cups. Women with teeny waists should look for high-waisted bikinis and belts. Lastly, ladies blessed with long legs should go for swimsuits that are higher-cut. This 90’s throwback style (think Baywatch) will give anyone the illusion of a long, Amazonian figure. No matter what style you are looking for, you can find your best options at online retailers such as Not only do they have a huge selection of options to choose from, but they are currently running some great promotions, instead of inflating their prices as summer approaches. You can also check out this news piece about one of their swimsuits models that recently was featured on Sports Illustrated.

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Imagine heading to your office party or beach vacation knowing that you look fabulous. The right swimsuit can give anyone an inner confidence and glow. Have the best holiday of your life by packing a sexy, sophisticated bathing suit that fits you like a second skin!

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