Swarovski and shell studded bikini to jazz up beach jamborees

It’s time to bring all your favorite Ss (read sun, summer, sand, swim, Swarovski) under one roof with White & Pink Eyelet-Trim Bikini. Designed by Alessandra Vicedomini, this itsy bitsy teenie weenie Swarovski and shell studded bikini will transform you into a glamorous mermaid. And before you set to cross oceans in this swimwear, allow me to tell you that this limited-edition bikini has traveled the world before you lay your hand on it. It is described that each piece is crafted in Italy, then voyages to India, where it is hand-embroidered by skilled artisans, before a final return to Italy where it receives meticulous finishing touches. Since it sells for just $625, I am sure will add an S tag (read sold out) to the White & Pink Eyelet-Trim Bikini too.

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