Bling up the feet with Deborah Evans flip flops

In these times of recession, when people clung onto their jobs for dear life, tightening their belts, and scrimping for a living, Deborah Evans has decided to ignore the rough times. She has come out with an expensive line of flip flops with Swarovski crystals embellished on them.

Bling is in, and these Havaianas that are used as the base come from Brazil. The resort is one range of sandals that are available in 13 colors and costs USD 130. Metallic, another range of sandals are available in 5 colors and will cost you USD 98. Then there came the ones with a bit of a heel like the High Wedge who’s sole measures 2 -1/2 inches instead of the 3/4 inch soled sandals mentioned previously. The High Wedge sandal is available in basic colors such as black, brown, and white and costs USD 185.

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And even if that much bling ain’t enough for you, you can get the D-Street line made of rubber but still have crystals! Talk about extravagance for rubber slippers! They come in two styles – the Street, a 3/4 inch soled sandal, and 15 funky colors and patterns, including animal prints and cost USD 120. Then, there is the Mini-Wedge who’s sole measures at 1-1/2 inches and is available in bright-colored animal prints and cost 150 dollars. And as much as I love footwear, I, for one, am happy with my cheap and simple non-bling flip flops!

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