Outdoorsy yet outstanding: Timberland’s iconic boot gets doused in Swarovski crystals in a Jimmy Choo collaboration

Originally designed as a hard-wearing boot for New England construction workers, the six-inch-high waterproof nubuck shoe Timberland has now entered a dazzling collaboration (pun intended) with high-end brand Jimmy Choo. One would immediately start picturing Carrie Bradshaw walking down the streets of New York City looking for a cab in Timbs’ but not in their basic, outdoorsy avatar. red carpet staples Jimmy Choo and outdoor specialists Timberland have unveiled striking new footwear- the iconic Timberland 6” Boot getting a dose of opulent luxury Swarovski crystals and glitter embellishments. To be honest, it’s difficult to envision how the two ends of a spectrum will come together but in a rather sparkling turn of events two complement each other with effortless ease. The unisex range parades four colorways, premium wheat with Swarovski crystal collar, premium wheat with gold glitter, premium black with glitter, and the limited edition premium all-over Swarovski with crystal embellishment. Let’s not shy away from claiming this is by far the best collaboration of 2020, starring skater and model of the moment Evan Mock, beauty entrepreneur Kristen Noel Crawley and was shot by actor and photographer Cole Sprouse.

The collection will be available at selected Jimmy Choo stores globally, and now exclusive on Ounass till the 20 September. The good stuff doesn’t end with the shoes on sale; in fact, as part of Timberland’s pledge to plant 50 million trees over the next five years, for every pair of boots created in this collaboration a tree will be planted. You’re doing twice the good with one pair of shoes- upping your fashion game and planting a tree!

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