Maybach Edition 125! celebrates with Swarovski-studded upholstery

Maybach believes in uniqueness. We have noticed this habit with its many customizable models. For the upcoming Frankfurt Auto show, Maybach is set to stun visitors with a one-off Edition 125! This is meant, as well, as a celebration to of 125 years of Carl Benz’s patent on the first-gasoline powered automobile. The model is a Maybach 57 S painted in Tahiti Black and Patagonia Silver with a laser engraved and backlit Maybach crest in the center armrest, a glove compartment lid stitched with Wilhelm Maybach’s signature, silver-colored accent stitching on the upholstery, silver carbon fiber and piano black trim, matte black 20-inch wheels and a newly restyled radiator grille. This edition is not for sale but you can have similar customization done to your Maybach 57 or 62.

However, next year’s models will be revved up with a series of new features, including revised grilles, a restyled hood, a new front bumper, LED running lights in the front vents, more aerodynamic side-view mirrors as well as new 21-spoke, 19-inch wheels. In contrast, the S models benefit from 12-spoke, 20-inch wheels for the standard models. Other customization features include a reclining rear seat on 57 and 57 S models, a variety of interior options including Swarovski-studded upholstery, a falcon perfume atomizer, a forward camera, and rearview monitor, and a 19-inch rear monitor for the Maybach 62 models.

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