EBay has launched a service that authenticates Luxury handbags

Everyone who loves luxury handbags but doesn’t want to spend a fortune on them has –at some point- been advised to try eBay. The site is known to offer amazing deals on big name fashion items, handbags in particular, but it takes skill and a seasoned buyer to spot the real thing in a sea of knock-offs. Now, in a bid to help their luxury loving shoppers, eBay has launched their Authenticate service, designed to help luxury shoppers buy with confidence.

Sellers who choose to use the service will have their products marked with an “Authenticity Verified” label and these products will be backed by a 200 percent Money Back Guarantee. Of course not all sellers will utilize this service, especially given that only handbags and wallets valued at $500+ will be listed and sellers will receive 80% of the amount paid rather than the full price. More sellers are likely to take advantage of the introductory offer wherein products valued at over $250 will be accepted and sellers will be entitled to 90%, however this offer will only last for a limited time. The sellers that do decide to use the service will no doubt be rewarded by more customers.

“We’re making it even easier for our buyers to shop quickly and confidently for luxury handbags,” said Laura Chambers, Vice President of Consumer Selling at eBay. “With tens-of-thousands of high-end handbags currently available, eBay is primed to boost customer confidence in selling and shopping for an amazing selection of designer merchandise. We also believe our sellers will love this service, as it provides them with a white-glove service when selling luxury handbags. We’re looking forward to expanding this program to other brands and categories next year.”

Meanwhile, if you’re buying your bags in person and not online you can try this handy gadget.

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