Just for a Instagram post – Kids in Texas vandalize a parked Ferrari by standing on it

Owning an exotic automobile comes with the added headache of parking it outside, unattended; especially if it’s a red-colored Ferrari. These machines are attention magnets and quickly draw people towards them who want to appreciate the beauty or get a few pictures clicked with the car. But the attention is not always benign and some people with ill intentions cause damage to exotic cars. Case in point – a picture of several teenagers jumping on the hood of a Ferrari has gone viral on the internet. The incident happened in El Paso, Texas, United States, where a Ferrari California owner who had parked his sports car outside parents’ house found dents and scuff marks the next morning. Richard Streep – the Ferrari owner – went out with his friends and left his Ferrari at his parents’ house near Scenic Drive. “It’s a safe neighborhood; never had any incidents,” he said.

According to KFOX18, Streep’s family arrived home during the night and saw six to eight people gathering around the car. As soon as the vandals noticed Streep’s family, they jumped in a green Kia Soul and sped away. Ferrari dealership reportedly quoted Richard $6,000 to repair the damage and he took to the internet to help him find the people who did this to his Ferrari. In less than 24 hours, Richard was sent a message with information on the vandals along with an Instagram post in which few teenagers can be seen posing on the hood of the Ferrari. At least one of the teen’s parents contacted Streep immediately after seeing the photo and claimed they were willing to cover some of the costs. It’s absolutely absurd what people are ready to do these days for a simple social media post which can give them a few moments of fame.

[Via: The Drive]

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