Made from an ultra light top-secret material, this $10,000 Helium jacket literally flies like a balloon

A flying jacket? Yes, please! The world is not a very felicitous place currently, and a flying jacket seems like an excellent solution to ‘fly’ away. Andrew Kostman is getting seriously ambitious and pushing the limits to get us the Helium-10000 flying jacket after stupendous success like the Yeezy Sneaker Concept. A first-of-its-kind flying jacket, the Helium-10000 is an inflatable, wearable puffer jacket developed with a resistant and ultra-light “top secret” material, designed to withstand the pressure of the helium that will be used to inflate it. The jacket will come with a cylinder included in the packing that will allow several refills over time. Andrew Kostman was inspired to make this novel creation from ​​a balloon carried by a child’s hand. He translated it into the jacket, which seems to combine the timeless look of the puffer jacket with that of a traditional balloon.

The Helium-10000 flying jacket is still being tested but ready for debut after months of development. If you want to fly away in this futuristic fashionable garment, let it be known that only 100 pieces will be made. The jacket starts at a whopping $10,000 and keeps things chic with six colorways such as rainbow n, vanta, rose, gold, ice, and silver.

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