Ermenegildo Zegna mixes Italian high fashion with hands free technology in a Bluetooth-enabled jacket

Zegna Sport has come out with what clearly goes way beyond sport. Its wearable technology at its Bluetooth operated best. Yes, that’s right. Ermenegildo Zegna has created a jacket that not only features Bluetooth technology but also a joyful sleeve with a joystick controller for a remote, hands-free operation. Technology has never been this designer before and vice-versa, we could say.

The triple layer bomber is crafted from blue 3-season waterproof microfiber and a sealed zip-through with a detachable quilted body warmer and body shield interlining. Reminds me of its perfectness in a post-apocalyptic scenario, that’s how ahead of its time it seems. It, however, is the neat need of the luxurious hour as well with its hi-tech adeptness that allows for a hands free experience offering high-connectivity.

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What the wearer must do is pair their mobile device with the apparel via Bluetooth to access the controller, while the earphones come in through purposefully positioned holes. The controller comes with a phone control menu to allow the wearer to answer or end calls and a music menu for phone-y entertainment. And before you get your, umm, jackets in a bunch, the iconic outerwear feat comes with an operating manual. This marvelous technology-on-the-go goes for $1,295 in Blue and Red colors with a bold Black coming soon.

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[Available at Zenga Via Psfk]