The graphene-made Gamma Jacket protects you from the elements, microbes, and a lot more

Graphene has been greeted with the similar zest that plastic once was – a magical material that could revolutionize various industries and the world itself. While it isn’t as malleable as plastic proved to be, it surely comes with more merited features that are gradually permeating among the masses. Wear Graphene is one of the pioneers in stretching the potential of apparel that pack nearly every advantage of the magic material. The Gamma Jacket is their incredible new Graphene jacket that doubles up as a good-looking accessory to adorn you while also proving to be a highly functional travel jacket.

So how does the thinnest and strongest material on earth manage to work in a wearable? The Gamma Jacket is 100% graphene-infused, a Nobel-prize-winning material that is just one atom thick but is stronger than a diamond.

This makes for an incredibly effective outdoor jacket that is light in weight, breathable, extremely durable, anti-bacterial, weather-resistant, and most importantly, temperature-controlled. With a built-in heating system that mimics the behavior of human skin, the nano-lattice distributes heat around the jacket to keep you warm even in the coldest winters. In addition to this, Gamma Jacket also has an in-built heating system that connects to a power bank and distributes heat across your torso.

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Almost nothing can get through graphene. A sufficient amount of layers of graphene are known to stop bullets. While the Gamma Jacket is slim for ergonomics, weighing just 1.1lbs, it is strong enough to repel knife punctures. Even moisture cannot permeate through its layers, keeping you crisp and warm even as you wade through thundershowers. Another astounding feature of the material is the way it keeps microbes and germs at bay. It doesn’t permit germs and allergens to fester on its surface, which also makes it a perpetual odor-free material, a feat that most extreme adventure clothing can only aspire to achieve.

“Gamma is the first all-season, all-climate jacket.” Says Sarah Wood, spokesperson for Wear Graphene. “Thanks to graphene, clothing is going to become more versatile than ever. We’re excited to introduce the world to graphene-infused clothing and to Gamma, the most versatile jacket ever made.”

When it comes to the elegance of the jacket, the stylishness and functionality are balanced out quite well, with ten pockets on the jacket. Of these, two are hidden. It comes with a rain helm and a visored hood. This sets it apart from regular all-season jackets that have to bulk up to be effectively rugged in the face of the elements. It’s sleek, rather than gruff-looking, and can be donned to work with the same confidence as to the wilderness. The Gamma Jacket isn’t only an all-climate jacket but also and an all situation savior. You can use it as a windbreaker, a winter coat, a raincoat, or simply a leisure jacket.

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Maintaining something so tough and durable is naturally quite easy. It is machine-washable and extremely easy to maintain, especially since it doesn’t allow any odors to attach to it. Even stains and marks cannot make themselves permanent on the Gamma Jacket. Given its extreme strength, you needn’t worry about tears, when the jacket gets caught on a hook or nail.

Wear Graphene was founded in 2015 by scientists who have been intrigued by the properties of graphene and have been turning it into more practical forms. The company runs its operations from Seattle and has its lab and manufacturing unit in Hong Kong. The company is confident about the practical uses of the Gamma Jacket and is eager to bring graphene-infused clothing to more markets.
You can explore more about the Gamma Jacket and other wonderful products from Wear Graphene at

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